last post…new logo…new blog…

This is the last entry to the I-Chirves. I take this opportunity to close our old activities with the introduction of the new Ifreecans Collective Logo, Kid Khai. For more information on his History, as well as the live art auction and future news and project, please visit the new blog via the link below. thanks for the love and the support and hope you will keep posted on our activities.

Ifreecans Collective.


second to last post

From our inception in 2008, our wordpress blog has been used to catalogue our activities, growth, losses and adventures to present day. Change is good, and at present, it is becoming clear we have done all we could do with our blog using the wordpress format.

In 2012 ,we have an abundance of new. New logo, new projects, new ideas, new members [some of the old have gone their own way] and we are moving to a new blog format and a new blog address. We are also updating the BigCartel shop format and will add new products once they are ready. My hope is that this change will be evident, helping us attract a new fan base, while retaining the loyalty of the old. We have listened to what our customers/fans/followers asked for in regards to products, mailing lists and post and will strive to bring you not only what you asked for, but what we feel you deserve from us as creatives, and what we feel needs to be out there.

This blog will now be referred to fondly as our “I-CHIVES” in the hope that when one stumbles upon it, it can give them a History of the Ifreecans Collective. We found an interesting way or archiving everything we have done and hope the format is suitable. This is the second to last post that appear here, an announcement of our departure from WordPress. The last post will be an announcement of where to find us in our new stomping ground. I hope you will pay us a visit, it is coming soon.

Kiboko Hachiyon.

Founder, Ifreecans Collective.

ambra vernuccio does brick lane

Ambra Vernuccio is the Ifreecans Collective resident photographer and she joined us on one of our Sunday Up Market sessions in Bricklane. It has been a busy year for her, having recently done some work in the Edinburgh Festival, selected to participate in Foto8 Summershow 2011, participated and helped to set up the Fringes : Images From The street Exhibition and was selected as a winner of the Hoppe Street Portraits competition at the National Portrait Gallery. See more of her work and projects via the link below, and come say hello to the Collective at the Sunday Upmarket in Bricklane.

ifreecans >shop, gallery, studio

We are working on a new project for the crossover from 2010 to 2011. With our in-house photographer, Ambra Vernuccio, we are going to be documenting the Ifreecans Collective space, artworks and merchandise in preparation for a new website that we are looking to launch early 2011. It seems a daunting task to catalogue the works of such a varied collective, but in our photographer we trust, bear with us please as this will take a while. See some of the first pics from the links below. More to follow.